Blizzcon news. Blizzard will re-release Warcraft 3

Blizzard will release Warcraft 3

There is a tendency in the world that in addition to general gaming exhibitions, major publishers are trying to make separate events where they can not get lost among competitors, and talk about the done work and the future prospects.
The company Blizzard called this event Blizzcon, it is annual and usually is full of surprises. The current event was particularly interesting.
So, what did we learn?
Blizzard is re-releasing Warcraft 3. This is one of the main news. The possibility of such a development has been discussed for a long time, wondering whether it will be the updated game or a full 4th part. Now we know for sure that this will be a reissue of the 3rd part with improved graphics, changed interface and animations, supporting for 4K resolution.

Blizzard launches World of Warcraft Classic servers. Not all players like innovations and many believe that add-ons do not add charm to the game. Especially for them the servers with the classic version of WOW will be launched in the summer of 2019.

Also they are preparing to release Diablo Immortal – a multiplayer RPG in the Diablo universe. The game is designed for mobile devices, the supported platforms are Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS. The game will have six characters, one major city and eight large maps to explore. Perhaps in the future the number of locations and cities will grow. As usual, in the classic versions of Diablo, multiplayer supports up to 4 people. Blizzard also said about the development of other games of the Diablo universe.

On December 4 an update for the Heartstone is a card online game called “Rastakhan`s Rumble”. The update will add a new arena – Gurubashi, and will also add new legendary maps and combat mechanics.

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