Samsung has recently introduced an interesting gadget to search for the lost things. The idea itself is not new, but still has some distinctive features. Initially, such devices work through the use of Bluetooth, allowing you to find the lost keys or bag on a short range. The novelty can boast of the support of the international LTE standard, which increases the range of communication with the smart keychain.
The cases of using it are very diverse. Thankfully to the customizable statistical sending location, you can find your backpack with a laptop left in a taxi; track the movement of the child on a walk; find a lost pet and much more. The data from the tracker can be viewed in a special application SmartThings, compatible both with Android and iOS. Users can share their coordinates, as well as send an SOS signal during an emergency.
Special attention should be paid to the possibility of interaction with the Samsung SmartThings ecosystem. For the detailed configuration, you can turn the «smart» lighting on, coming in to your home or a video camera immediately after leaving. There is a possibility to create a certain limited zone, leaving which the keychain will send a notification to your mobile phone.
The sales of the tracker Samsung SmartThings will start on September 14, at a price of $ 99. You can buy the product on the official website of the developer or in the company stores of the mobile operator AT&T. In future, it is planned to be implemented through the trading platforms Verizon. The use of the gadget via the network AT&T will cost $ 50 per year.

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