The American company Telltale Games, which gave the players great games in the genre of multi-series quests, is at the closing stage.
On September 21 the studio declared bankruptcy and dismissed almost all employees. The working staff consisted of 250 people, 90% of whom were unemployed. The remaining 25 employees are working to fulfill their obligations to the Board of Directors. The company needs to complete the transfer of Minecraft Story Mode to the Netflix media platform. On the further development of Stranger Things, the last season of The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us 2 is not known. But judging by the rumors from anonymous sources, we shouldn’t expect them. The teams involved in the development of the new games were reduced. In August was set a graph of the output series of The Walking Dead: The Final Season. On September 25 there should have been the release of the second episode, but the remaining two pieces will likely not fall into the hands of fans. The company promises to provide more information about the announced projects in the near future. A huge number of sympathetic records from fans of Telltale on the social network Twitter diluted many angry posts with demands to return the money for the unfinished season of The Walking Dead.
Now is #TelltaleJobs hashtag is very popular. Thankfully to him, the former office employees are trying to get a response from the other gaming corporations. It is worth noting that Sony Santa Monica Studio learned about the problem and decided to provide the writers, designers and other game developers from Telltale Studio with a job.

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