At the last Next Horizon event, AMD showed to the public the first video accelerators built on chips produced by the technology of 7 nanometers. The presented video card Radeon Instinct MI60 and MI50 are featured with GPU Vega20 and designed for data centers and computing (not intended for games). AMD has reported a performance increase of 25% relative to the graphics cards Vega10. With increased performance, architecture Vega20 has a power level Vega10 and reduction in performance of up to Vega10, so power consumption is reduced in 2 times. The Vega20 crystal has up to 4096 stream processors, an area of 331mm2 and contains 13.2 billion transistors against 12.5 billion Vega10 transistors.
Both graphics cards support PCI 4.0 interface, Infinity Fabric (data exchange between cards up to 200GB/s). Radeon Instinct MI50 has 16 gigabytes of memory HBM2 with the function of error correction ECC, 3840 stream processors, core frequency of 1746 MHz and a TDP of 300W. Radeon Instinct MI60 has 32 gigabytes of HBM2 memory with ECC error correction, 4096 stream processors and a core frequency of 1800 megahertz, TDP of 300W.
Radeon Instinct MI60 will be on sale before the end of this year, and Radeon Instinct MI50 — in early 2019.

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