American company Starkey Hearing Technologies which is specializing in the production of hearing aids presented a device with artificial intelligence.
The novelty has received the name Livio AI. The gadget has a number of interesting options. The device doesn’t only helps impaired people to hear perceive sounds, but also significantly improves their quality. Hearing Reality technology reduces the amount of unnecessary noise from the environment in order for the user to enjoy a cleaner sound. Lots of different modes will help the device to achieve desired results. Thankfully to the use of artificial intelligence, the device has the ability to focus on the voice of the interlocutor making it much more distinct. In addition, when communicating with a representative of another language group, Livio AI will automatically translate it into the desired language. Support voice assistant Amazon Alexa will enable your favorite music, find information on the Internet and more. Gadgets have a fine — tuning of all possible functions that will allow the hearing aid to meet all your preferences.
It is worth noting that the device can work as a fitness tracker. The information collects via the app Thrive Hearing that allows you to track the physical activity and health. In addition to the application from the developer, it is possible to use more familiar programs: Google Fit or Apple Health.
The price of Livio AI is not known. On the territory of the United States and Canada the device should appear before the end of 2018. Then it is planned to enter the world market which includes 20 countries.

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