Polish developer CD Project launched a live broadcast yesterday, which caused a lot of questions from fans. On the screen users could see the inscription «data transfer» and incomprehensible encoding. No one expected that this broadcast will end with the display of gameplay video of the sensational game Cyberpunk 2077. The gameplay was previously presented at a closed presentation for the press, as a part of the Gamescom 2018 event. A similar demo version, lasting 48 minutes, was presented to fans on August 27.
In this video the main character of the game was a girl who went with her partner on a special mission to rescue a missing woman. Battles in the game are really grand, the combination of slow action and dynamic jerks does not get bored. The weapon of the future has a detailed external study, and the physics of behavior is worthy of the highest praise. In the project you expect severed limbs, a variety of spectacular skills and a great experience of interaction with character modifications that allow you to change the outcome of the battle.
The vast world of night city lives its life completely, some events that depend on earlier decisions are randomly generated. For example, in the video because of a certain choice of the main character, an attack was committed, which served as the beginning of a road shootout. The vehicle of protagonist quality crafted inside and out, and fit harmoniously into the style of cyberpunk, which is soaked the entire game world. It’s worth noting that players for whom driving with a 1-person view is heavy or just not comfortable can switch to a third-person view.
Any role-based game presupposes the existence of detailed conversations, and Cyberpunk 2077 boasts it. Communication with a companion during the mission depends on the action. And conversations with game characters are worked out not worse than in the Witcher.
The release of Cyberpunk 2077 is planned for the Xbox ONE, PS4 and PC. The exact release date is not reported.

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