The news about the launch of 7-nm production by TSMC spread around the world than Samsung made a similar statement. The Korean giant has officially announced the start of production according to 7-nm standards using photolithography in the extreme ultraviolet range-Extreme ultraviolet, EUV (similar to TSMC). For the release of what kind of the products is this production? First of all, for the manufacture of processors for mobile devices and first of all should be Exynos 9820 – the heart of the future flagship Samsung. The second direction of the production is presumably the processors for supercomputers. Qualcomm can also act as a customer for the production of products. In the official release of the new technology it is reported that the transition to 7-nm provides significant benefits in the performance of new products. For comparison, the difference between the products of 10-nm and 7-nm is reducing the crystal area by 40% and reducing energy consumption by 50%.
It is safe to say that the rate of the production of 7-nm will be the main in the coming years. Of course, manufacturers are already making plans for the transition to 3-nm, but it is rather a talk for the future, as the new production is very expensive and they will have to pay off before going further.

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