Recently, an event was in Seattle, in which Amazon introduced a line of smart devices.
The Echo Dot 3 Gen speaker is noticeably better than its predecessors. The updated design is represented by a textile side surface and more smooth edges. On the upper side of the device there are control buttons and backlight. The volume level increased by 70% compared to the previous model. With the help of Echo Dot, you can interact with the voice assistant, Alexa, for solving a variety of everyday tasks. The product will go on sale on October 11 at a price of $50.
Amazon Smart Plug is a smart socket that allows you to expand the ecosystem from the manufacturer. The device has the ability to connect wirelessly and allow remote control of the equipment powered from the outlet. To interact with the Smart Plug you will need a smartphone with Alexa or a smart echo speaker. The cost of new items is $25.
Amazon Echo Input is a device that allows you to increase the functionality of conventional speakers. Communication with any speaker system is possible thanks to a 3.5 mm jack or Bluetooth. By connecting this gadget to the speaker, you can get the full functionality of Alexa assistant to find information, play music and other tasks. The price for Echo Input reached $35.
Apparently the corporate giant is not going to stop at home devices and introduced Amazon Echo Auto. The smart adapter connects to the car radio in your car, by Bluetooth connection or AUX cable. With eight microphones and an Internet connection via a smartphone, the car owner will be able to use all the traditional Alexa assistant options for just $50.
In addition to these products were presented: a smart microwave Amazon Basics Microwave with voice control, echo plus speaker with a subwoofer Echo Sub 100 W, as well as a 10.1-inch smart screen Echo Show.

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