More and more leaks appear on the network about the upcoming video card from AMD.
Previously, the novelty will receive the abbreviation «Radeon RX590» that so far is at odds with the previously walked rumors that in the event of withdrawal, the new cards will promarkers as Radeon 6XX.
It is known that the processor of the new graphics card is built on 12-nm technology, which will give a performance increase relative to the crystals of the previous generation produced by the norms of 14-nm. Updated architecture of the GPUs will get the name Polaris 30 (Radeon 5XX are built on Polaris 20). Also, there is not any information about the re-issue of popular cards AMD Radeon RX570 and Radeon RX580 on 12-nm crystals.
So, just in the last few days in the network appeared two important news:
1) One of the Internet users, saying that he is an employee of the enterprise-manufacturer of graphics cards, posted a photo of the alleged production plan, where in the list you can see 2 positions with RX590 (alternating with RX470). Presumably the document belongs to the company HIS Digital.
2) in the database of test results of 3D Mark program graphics cards there was a record of the sample with the name ED1981. The «Driver name» line indicates the type of Radeon RX590 Series device. We see that the test sample has a core with a frequency of 1545 MHz and is equipped with 8 gigabytes of video memory. The table of test results indicates that the new map scored in the «3D Mark Score» – 5028 points, and in the graphic tests «Graphic scores» — 4759 points.
Is it big or small? For comparison, Nvidia GTX1070 is gaining 5633 «3D Mark Score». From the results we can conclude that the new card from AMD loses 10-12% to Nvidia product and may reduce the backlog, and therefore is likely become a competitor for GTX 1070.
The premiere of the new card will take place in the near future.

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