Interactive adventure Life is Strange, created by the French developer Dontnod Entertainment, has gained a great popularity among gamers. The story of Chloe and Max, showing various moments in the relationships and lives of teenagers, together with an interesting plot and a pleasant picture, was accepted by the community very warmly and here on the way the second part of the sensational game.
Held the world showing the trailer Life is Strange 2 and a 20-minute video showing gameplay. The storyline is not a continuation of the story told in the first part of the franchise. The main characters are represented by two brothers: Sean and Daniel, living a quiet, unremarkable life in Seattle, Washington. Defending his nine-year-old brother, Sean confronts a guy who entails the involvement of a police officer and then the accidental death of his father. It’s at this point that we first notice the use of a supernatural force that is likely to be associated with telekinesis. After a tragic coincidence, the brothers decide to go to Mexico, simultaneously hiding from the police.
Life is Strange 2 promises a swirling plot, great music, beautiful American scenery and atmosphere, in the spirit of the previous games in the series. It is worth noting that the main characters are already familiar to some players from the spin-off — The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit. It is noteworthy that the choice made during the passage of the story About captain Spirit, will also have consequences in the original version of the game.
The game will be divided into 5 episodes. Release date of the first series Life is Strange 2, scheduled for September 27, on the platforms Xbox ONE, PS4 and PC.

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