The simulator of the Second World War Post Scriptum from Playground Games, in anticipation of the release, entered the stage of the beta test.
The game takes us to 1944, to Holland, where the «Market Garden» operation took place, during which the British and US armies planned to bypass and capture the German long-term fortifications on the territory of the Dutch ports. The developers tried to recreate the full historical authenticity in order to make the game realistic and impressive. The uniform of soldiers, the appearance of transport, key attractions, villages, and cities make the gameplay truly authentic, which certainly will please fans of this genre. Five maps are designed with maximum accuracy, according to archival documents. Places are created on a scale of 1:1, and also occupy an area of 140 square meters, which makes battles really large-scale. Post Scriptum can boast of 50 different models of ancient weapons and 50 models of the last century technology. Players are given the opportunity to belong to one of three factions: the British Airborne Division, the German Army or the US Air Force, which will be added after the release.
During the battle, you will join a squad of eight people. There is an opportunity to choose one of several classes (machine gunner, medic, etc.), on which the style of play will depend. In total, the map can hold up to 80 players. The tactics are completely based on team interaction. Only in this way, you will be able to strengthen your position, use equipment, and weapons.
Post Scriptum goes into full-fledged release on the 9th of August. It is already available for pre-ordering on the Steam platform.

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