Currently, Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds is one of the most popular games in the Battle Royale genre, second only to its competitor, represented by Fortnite. For a long time, the game left the status of early access on Steam, but this did not affect the optimization of the project. Problems with connecting to servers, visual and audio bugs, reduced frame rate, poor location load — these and other problems were identified by PUBG Corporation.
Developers reported on their Twitter page that they have too many requests from players about fixing PUBG. It is also noted that the problems with gaming performance and various errors do not allow to reveal their full potential. In order to improve the quality of multiplayer games, the company creates a website called «FixPUBG». With the help of this resource, it is planned to show the players what changes will be adopted by the developers.
This campaign is designed to ensure the normal operation of the project for a period of three months. On the pages of the site, people can see a list of modified bugs, many of which have been fixed by the latest update. Also, users will be able to find out at what time the remaining errors will be corrected. Low playability is present even on high-power computers. For some gamers, this was the reason to replace PUBG with a more stable Fortnite.

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