Developers from the Hello Games studio told in detail about the upcoming update for the simulator No Man’s sky. The update called «Next» will bring a number of changes and gameplay additions.
The most important component is a full-fledged multiplayer mode, allowing the user to play with friends or random researchers. You will get the opportunity not only to help each other but also to attack other players; to take part in large-scale battles and racing competitions in alien landscapes; to build small structures or bases covering vast territories.
Graphics has been modified, too. «The formation of the planetary terrain, water, clouds and the texture of the earth was greatly improved. In addition, ships, game characters, and buildings were paid attention. New planetary rings and improved cosmic visual effects were introduced into the game» according to representatives of HG. It is also important that there is a possibility of changing the view from the first person to the view from the third.
It is worth noting that immediately after the release, No Man’s sky received a large number of negative reviews, primarily due to the lack of a network game mode. Now, along with the additions, the developer is gradually leading us to what he promised at the time of the release in 2016.
The update «Next» will be available for free download from July 24, for users of Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

Mechael A.

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