Videocardz published a table of chipsets for platforms based on Intel. Based on these data, we can say that the motherboards with the chipset z370 will be out of use this summer, and they are replaced by the z390, which the company has been talking about for a long time.
According to the «road maps» of the source, the developer will delight users with supported USB 3.1 with a bandwidth of up to 10 Gb/s, and technologies for wireless connection (WLAN, Bluetooth), otherwise there is no difference between chipsets, productivity-enhancing, as well as the replacement of components of the equipment cannot be expected.
According to the leaks of information, Intel will introduce its innovation along with the 9th Core generation, but no official information yet. Those who are going to buy a motherboard on the Z370 in the near future, it’s worth to hold off on the purchase and wait for the release of the new motherboard with the chipsets z390.

Mechael A.

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