Rockstargames have always been famous for the long-term support of their projects with the release of various free add-ons. DLC are regularly released for Grand Theft Auto Online since 2013, and a few days ago the company released the trailer of the content packaging «After Hours».
Gamers will meet Tony Prince, already a well-known character from the plot additions to the previous part of the game, «The ballad of gay Tony». He will help with the opening of the club and in conducting of criminal activities within the institution. «Nightclubs are a perfect hiding place for illegal activities,» the developers say.
Famous DJs such as Solomun, The black Madonna, Dixon, and Tale of us are involved in the creation of the characters. During the development, their facial expressions and movements were seized, so the game characters are promised to be very similar to their masters. Finding these celebrities will be the main task.
You will get the opportunity to choose the design of the institution, recruit staff and promote your business. «The more popular your place, the faster your safe will be packed with money,» says Rockstar. Also, we expect new story missions and events in the spirit of GTA.
«After Hours» will be released on July 24 for PC, Xbox ONE, and PS4.

Mechael A.

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