Advanced Micro Devices with a great enthusiasm moves to upgrade their architectures to introduce them to the public in 2019. As you know, first of all we are talking about two main directions of the company – processors and graphics cards. We reported about the appearance of the first samples of ZEN2 processors in AMD test laboratories some time ago. On the eve of the representatives of the portal Fudzilla, citing their sources reported a similar situation with graphics accelerators built on Navi architecture. The specifications of the new product are not known yet. Only two facts are specified – that the new architecture, as well as all future production of AMD is constructed on 7-nm technology and it was even better, than the producer expected. Presumably graphics cards on the new architecture should take the lower price segment (around $ 250) and offer the performance at the level of GTX1080. In all likelihood, more serious performance should offer the maps built on the new Vega architecture.
It is known that the new graphics accelerators Navi should appear on the market in the second half of 2019.

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