Soon Intel should announce an 8-core processor Core I9-9900K with 8 cores and 16 threads, operating at frequencies from 3.6 to 4.7 GHz. In the global network appeared the photos of the test Cinebench, which was seen by the processor from AMD, able to compete with the future flagship of the» blue » chipmaker.
Advanced Micro Devices already produces processors Ryzen 2700x and Ryzen 2700 with the same number of threads and cores, like the upcoming Core i9-9900K. But the chip on the socket AM4, created by the microarchitecture Zen+, does not yet possess the frequencies of the new flagship from Intel (to achieve similar indicators of AMD are planning in the processor the architecture Zen2) . According to unconfirmed reports, to increase the processor power, AMD decided to add two more cores to its flagships. Perhaps the presence of 10 cores in one processor will be achieved by linking two crystals with the same number of cores. But the developer did not produce 5-core Zen+ processors, and disabling cores is easier to produce in pairs, which suggests the unreliability of rumors. It is also worth noting the possibility of developing a new crystal. But this is extremely unlikely, as an increased number of cores is planned in future products will be created on the latest Zen2 architecture and 7-nm process technology.
Judging by the image, the Ryzen 2800X processor has 10 cores and 20 computational threads, the clock frequency of which is 4 GHz. In the test Cinebench R15 the result was 2,130 points, which is slightly less than Corei9-9900K (2212). To trust the leak fully is not a good idea, since these are test of samples and the performance of both chips may differ significantly from the provided.
Official data on Ryzen 2800X from AMD is not known for now.

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