Reissues of old or classic game projects are popular nowadays. In 2017 the American company Human Head Studios, who gave us the first part of a sci-fi shooter Prey, has announced a sequel to the 2000 year’s game.
Continuation of Rune Classic is at the stage of the closed beta test. After showing the new trailer the approximate release date of the game is known. In September Rune will be in the early access section on the Steam platform and plans to stay there until 2019.
The plot unfolds in Midgard, seven years after the events of the original story. Ragnarok came to our world and various monsters and creatures filled the entire planet. The main antagonist is Loki confronts the remaining gods. The brave Viking will have to choose a mentor among them and fight back the «God of deception». It is worth noting that your choice will depend on what abilities will be endowed with your character. The storyline will be updated over time and for release we will have to wait for a full story with the final boss.
Like many representatives of the new games, the genre has found an RPG component. A lot of armor and resources, elaborate crafting system and various weapons (including severed limbs of enemies) will please the fans of role-playing projects. There is also a possibility to participate in battles with live players because the game has PVP. Because of the cooperative you can go to perform tasks and explore the open world.
A full Rune release is planned for 2019.

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