In early July, Elitegroup Computer Systems company, which manufactures motherboards, notebooks, mini-PCs and mobile devices, introduced two Small Tower personal computers. On the 31 of July, the company announced the imminent release of devices on the market.
The presented LIVA Z2 and Z2V have high energy efficiency, low noise level and compact size (132 mm x 118 mm x 56.4 mm). For users there are will be available several options of the Intel Gemini Lake processors (Intel Celeron N4000, Celeron N4100 and Pentium N5000). These devices can prove themselves as systems for displaying information on a digital display, and working PCs designed for multi-purpose use. System units are able to provide comfortable working with office programs, web surfing, high-definition video watching. There is a built-in memory card for 64 GB for storage, there is also the possibility to expand it with a 2.5-inch drive. There are ports for video outputs such us: HDMI 1.4 and HDMI 2.0 for the older model, and HDMI 1.4 with the VGA connector for the younger one. There are 2 DDR3L slots that allow you to install RAM up to 16 GB. Mini-PC Liva is equipped with wireless Wi-Fi 802.11ac and Bluetooth 4.2 modules. As a graphics accelerator, there is an Intel HD 600 series integrated graphics card.
The release date and the price of LIVA Z2 and Z2V computers are currently unknown.

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