Nowadays the main trend among computer games is Battle Royale, of course. There is already a fairly large number of projects (h1z1, PUBG, etc.), and a lot of are in development. Even other multiplayer shooters, already established on the playing field, add the Royal Battle mode. And Fortnite is the most popular of them.
This multi-user action is distributed absolutely for free, not only on PCs and consoles but also on mobile platforms. What, then, makes a profit? Creators earn on the sale of in-game content. Statistics show that the gaming shop brings about $ 300 million a month. Almost 70% of the interviewed people admitted that they were spending their money on the game, and this led to the company’s revenue passing the $ 1 billion mark. According to the research by experts from Super data Research, 8% of the money was spent on emotions and dances, 26% went to tools and gliders. Most of the Epic games profit has been brought by skins and outfits that do not give any advantage to the player.

Mechael A.

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