In early 1996, two Stanford students created Google as a research project, which was originally named BackRub. However, after the error the investor (Andy Bechtolsheim), made in the checkbook, Larry Paju and Sergey Brin had to give the system the name «Google». «» appeared in 1997, and the company was registered on September 4, 1998. Despite this, for 20 years Google celebrated its holiday in one of two days: September 4 or September 7. It is noteworthy that in 2018 it is celebrated on September 27.
For all the time, Google gave the users a huge number of opportunities, adhering to the position of «freedom on the Internet»: a detailed search for information, watching videos, translation of foreign languages, convenient e-mail, Android operating system and much more. But one of the largest multinational corporations is famous not only for its search engine or a browser. Google Inc is actively engaged in the development of modern technologies in the field of mobile devices, autopilot vehicles and artificial intelligence.
Google’s birthday as always brings a lot of different Easter Eggs, doodles and innovations. The search engine got Activity Cards. This function allows the user to create collections from links of a certain subject. There is also an opportunity to view Stories. A similar solution already exists in the social network Instagram, but here it is available only to various companies. The Discover feature will offer recommendations based on your interests, and GoogleLens will allow you to scan objects in a photo, and with one click find information on a particular subject. Now GoogleMaps has a garage where Larry and Sergey worked on creating their search engine. Everyone can go on a virtual trip to a mountain view, and see with their own eyes the recreated atmosphere of 1996 – the moment of the beginning of the company.

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