The team of Polish developers from Techland, who gave the world an action game with role-playing elements Dying Light,
shared a fever of «Battle Royale» with all of us. Dying Light: Bad Blood recently set in the early access in Steam.
The goal is to extract blood samples from the infected zombie nests. After obtaining the desired, the player must deliver the «package» to the rescue helicopter, where there is only one place, for which he will have to fight with the rest of the survivors. A favorite way of movement for gamers — parkour also became the main feature of this game, promising incredible chase with other users. The role-playing component is remained: you have to raise the level, pump skills and performance of your character for a more effective passage. It is also necessary to explore the world in search of better weapons to protect themselves (thankfully to the excellent combat system). The main opponent on the players’ way, of course, are the crowd of zombies, with whom you can join the fight or just avoid the attack, using acrobatic capabilities.
Now, Dying Light: Bad Blood can be bought on Steam for $ 19.99. In addition to the game, users who bought this package will receive a lot of fashion items. In early access, the new Battle Royale plans to linger for about half a year and then switch to a free distribution model. So, the developers promise to regularly release updates and access Dying Light: Bad Blood on current-gen consoles.

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