Previously, we already mentioned the difficulties that NVIDIA is experiencing because of the reduced demand for the company’s products. A significant amount of unrealized goods in warehouses can negatively affect the sales of the next generation of graphics cards. The number of produced video adapters will depend on the speed of sales of the remaining products. Thus, at the start of sales, the graphics cards will be produced in small batches, which in turn will raise the price of the devices. NVIDIA expects that due to the lack of products in stores, the ordinary users, who need powerful hardware will have the desire to buy a new product even at a high price. It is also expected that the price of cards GTX 1080 Ti and GTX 1080 will be reduced, but there is no information so far about other models of the previous generation.
According to sources, the new video adapters, designed to replace the flagship GTX 1080, will be released closer to the beginning of September, at an estimated price of $ 699 — $ 749. This graphics card is equipped with 11 GB of video memory and has a capacity of 180 watts. The remaining graphics cards will be released gradually within a month. GPU of the mid-price segment, with a TDP of 150 watts, is estimated at $ 599. The most budgetary model of the next generation of graphics accelerators, which is the successor to the GTX 1060, has 8 GB of memory and 120 W TDP. The cost of the younger model of the series will be $ 499, which most likely will not allow this model to compete with the budget option of the previous generation.

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