Retro games and consoles always have a loyal army of fans and it will increase constantly, with the obsolescence of the next game systems. Over the time, emulators of these retro consoles were created, and games are recompiled into «ROM» files, which allows you to run them on your computer. There are many fan sites with laid out in the public domain games and emulators to them. This is nothing but piracy, depriving the creators of consoles and games considerable funds. If such sites were not fans of the Mario games for example, in order to play it would have bought the NES Classic Mini logically decided to Nintendo and took the steps to eliminate piracy in this area. Moreover, the most severe measures.
We have already written that Nintendo has sued the owners of the largest sites with emulators and games I The copyright holder demanded more than $ 100 million from their violators. It is known that the site owners (by the way this couple Jacob and Christian Matias) fully admitted his guilt, which apparently was a mitigating circumstance. The court made the decision on partial satisfaction of the claim and obliged the owners of pirated resources to pay of 12.23 million dollars compensation to the address of Nintendo.
The amount is many times lower than originally required, but it is huge. This trial is likely to eventually change the entire market of retro games and distributors will have to agree on the allocation of fees to publishers, which in turn will fall on the shoulders of the user. Good or bad, everyone decides for himself.

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