In the past few years, a clearly visible trend is seen within the manufacturers of games and consoles in the re-release of successful projects, whether it’s a game bestseller or a console. Sony also decided to take part in the «celebration of life» and announced the re-release of PlayStation 1, 24 years after the release of the original console.
Sony PlayStation came out at the end of 1994 and made a splash in the market of the gaming industry. Not any gaming computer or console could reach the performance and the graphics of the Sony product. Adding to this great game, we get a real bestseller of its time. Computers were able to show the players the best level of graphics only in 1997 with the release of video cards from 3dfx. By the end of the life cycle, the console has got a lot of hit games that are popular until now and run by gamers with the help of numerous emulators.
What does Sony offer us? The game console is a small copy of the original first PlayStation in a classic case with sharp corners. The kit includes two gamepads and HDMI cable to connect the set-top box to the TV. In the console itself already sewn 20 top games, including hits such as Final Fantasy VII, Teken 3 and others. According to the available information, the console will not support the original discs from PS1, whether it will be possible to install other games is unknown.
The price for the reissued console approximately is $ 100.

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