It is well known that the dynamics of growth and decline of virtual currencies has a big impact on the sales of graphic cards. Previously, NVIDIA experts assumed that the crypto currency hype would end sooner or later, but this did not help the company to develop correct market forecasts and now one of the largest developers of graphic cards has a huge number of unrealized products in hand. Perhaps, it is all because of the miscalculation of analysts of the demand among the miners and the decline in their activity.
 The source informs that NVIDIA continues to put pressure on graphic card vendors and retail partners on the market, so that they reduce their prices further and sell the rest of the products as soon as possible. Despite this the sales of graphic adapters dropped by more than 50% in the second half of this year. Surprisingly, even with a falling price tag on graphic cards, the rise in demand among gamers is also not observed. If everything continues in the same manner, it can negatively affect the output of new NVIDIA graphics cards.
 It should be noted that AMD also has difficulties with selling the GPU to stay in the market, and will also have to significantly reduce the prices of its graphic cards.

Mechael A.

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