Panasonic is a recognized global manufacturer of reliable, high-quality, but not cheap equipment. These characteristics needs the manufacturer to make things that should not fail the user at the most difficult moment, such as protected or industrial laptops. In this case, we are talking about gadgets, sometimes not the most productive, but highly protected from external influences – most likely they will not try to run the Witcher 3 or Battlefield 5, but in a dusty Savannah or on a marine oil platform, they should not show how hard it is for them here and generally it’s time to go home.
That is why, considering the characteristics of the updated protected laptop Toughbook 31 from Panasonic, it is not necessary to compare its capabilities, for example with ASUS ROG laptops.
The Toughbook 31 series has been produced since 2010 and has undergone several upgrades. This time the laptop received a Core i5-7300U processor(i5-5300U was installed on the previous version), RAM from 4 to 16 gigabytes (with the possibility of increasing up to 32 gigabytes), a solid-state hard disk of 256 gigabytes, an updated WIFI module. Now you can connect an additional battery.
Claimed performance increase in the computational component of + 19% and + 42% increase in graphics performance.
Laptops should go on sale in December this year at a price of $ 3700.

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