After the Royole company, Samsung, in the Developer Conference 2018 event unveiled its first smartphone with curved display. What kind of device is it? It turned out to be very strange. The new smartphone has two displays – the first one is to work with the device as a smartphone, it also displays all the basic information, but has a smaller diagonal. The access to the second, larger display, built on technology Infinity Flex with diagonal 7.3 inches, the user receives by a horizontal disclosure of the device. The second display actually turns the smartphone into a tablet. When analyzing the capabilities of the device there are questions to its practicality — taking into account the latest features of frameless smartphones. The technology of the folding display requires expensive materials and complex solutions, and the image quality gives today a lower relative to standard screens, for example, Samsung Galaxy S9 has a diagonal of only 1.1 inches less than the tablet part of the new smartphone, and the picture quality is very high at an affordable price. Perhaps all the advantages of the new technology we will see in future devices.
Samsung also talked about the use of the interface One UI – all the main controls of the gadget are located at the bottom of the display, which allows you to keep the smartphone in the unfolded state with one hand and it also helps to carry out the necessary actions on the display.
The quality and reliability of the new device will be evaluated only after its release.

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