Not so long ago there were rumors that the portable version of Fortnite will not visit Google Play. The head of Epic Games, that gave the players the most popular game of the royal battle genre, confirmed this information.
Fortnite brings developers a huge profit, both on the main gaming platforms, and on mobile. The revenue from users of Apple brand devices reaches an amount equal to two million dollars every day. The refusal to distribute through the Play market is caused by the fact that Google collects too much commission (30%) for the implementation of applications on its site. However, the game is still spreading through the App Store. The fact is that the ANDROID operating system allows its users to freely install APK-files downloaded from other sites, which can not be said about iOS. Employees of Epic Games noted that they are not to create negative relations with Google, and are ready to continue productive cooperation.
Epic Games can lose some players because of this decision. The leader of the company does not bother with this fact, as he is sure that the game will gain a large number of users on the Android-platform. He also believes that gamers who are tempted to play on mobile gadgets can easily make the necessary manipulations to install the Fortnite client. Undoubtedly, this entails some danger, because the installation files from various open resources can be accompanied by viruses.
The release of Fortnite is planned in the next few months.

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