The American company RockstarGames pleased its fans with a video telling about the features of the gameplay of Red Dead Redemption 2.
The game takes place in the Wild West of 1899. The main character named Arthur Morgan is a gang of thugs who wanders around America, escaping from the authorities and bounty hunters. The developers have prepared a large detailed world filled with different natural landscapes and cities,as well as providing a huge number of opportunities and responsive to the actions of gamers. The environment and characters, with precision, are the atmosphere of this era.
The interactive component of RDR2 will not only allow to communicate with passers-by, sheriffs and other representatives of the society, but will also give the opportunity to choose the outcome of the meeting. All of the decisions will have consequences, either you get a good friend, or make an enemy. The project has a dynamic and complex combat system. Each weapon has its own characteristics that affect the manner of shooting. Horses are also different from each other, and each breed is designed for its own purposes. In order for the horse to obey the owner, it is necessary to take care of him, and to increase confidence. RockstarGames added that soon will be released an another trailer, revealing the features of the shootings, missions and leisure.
The release of RedDeadRedemption 2 is scheduled for October 26, on the Playstation 4 and Xbox one.

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