Each new computer technology is initially expensive and inaccessible to ordinary users. The same situation happened with SSD drives – a few years ago such devices were taken only to boot the operating system from them. As time went on, technology improved, the density of chips has increased, and the volume of wearable information with it. In the last 2 years we have seen laptops and system units equipped with SSD drive only.
SSD drives have become larger, and the cost of each Gigabyte is less. According to the latest statistics, the cost of a Gigabyte SSD drive has fallen to 10 cents and continues to decline. Analysts predict that in 2019 it will be possible to reduce the cost of a Gigabyte of NAND memory to 8 cents per 1 Gigabyte, which will be able to make SSD drives really accessible to all and will increase the number of devices using an SSD as the only one.


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