Gigabyte company enters the market of high-performance power supplies with two products: AORUS P750W and P850W. It is already known that both devices have been given the «80Plus Gold» certificate and a ten-year warranty with it.
The developer pleases us with internal components of the highest quality, as well as 100% Japanese capacitors, which ensures the durability and high reliability of the adapters. Linear + 12-voltage bus provides better output power. The power supply is equipped with a fan of high reliability. It is made of durable materials and is capable of working over 50,000 hours. There is also an automatic temperature setting which switches off the cooling system while the energy consumption level is below 20% of the rated power. This solution allows you to save energy at the right time and stabilize the energy supply.
The «80Plus Gold» certificate guarantees energy efficiency of more than 88%. Extended shelf life, quiet operation, and a modular connection will please all gamers without exception.
These units have passed safety tests, have several protection systems: against overheating, against overload, short circuit, against high and low voltage.
Unfortunately, the exact release date has not yet been reported.

Mechael A.

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