Increasingly you can see the game projects in the genre of interactive cinema, where gamers have to make a choice for the main character. Much less often you can find a combination of a film and a gameplay. Such a game is already have Microsoft, releasing exclusive for the Xbox ONE called Quantum Break. Japanese developer Square Enix (Final Fantasy XV, Murdered: Soul Suspect, etc.) together with Human Head (Rune Classic, Prey 2006) decided to create something similar.
The Quiet Man will tell the story about a young guy Dane, suffering from the loss of hearing. Unknown people kidnapped his girlfriend and the main character will conduct an independent investigation. All events occur within one night. The protagonist will visit a variety of places of the night city, where he is trapped by many enemies. The combat system of the game is very entertaining and dynamic. In addition to the excellent battles, users expect cinematic inserts with real actors. In addition to all of the above, an interesting component is one of the key features of the gameplay. For the greater authenticity, all the sounds in The Quiet Man will be turned off or muted, so you have to build your own logical chains and guesses about the history.
The adventure thriller is scheduled for November 1 for Playstation 4 and PC.

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