The representatives of e-sports disciplines are actively trying to interact with the Olympic movement, and the sports Committee, in turn, appreciates that by visiting the e-sports forum. Apparently, it did not affect further cooperation in any way.
The head of The international Olympic Committee, in the person of Thomas Bach, in an interview for the Associated Press portal reported on the impossibility of allowing gaming to the Olympic games. According to him, gaming counters the rules of the competition, promoting violence and murder in genres such as shooters. Of course, we can ask a logical question — what about the competition in the martial arts? The Chairman of the IOC noted, that despite the origin of all competitions from battles between real people, sports is a much more civilized phenomenon. There is no place in the list of disciplines of the Olympic games for the projects the main purpose of which is the destruction of an enemy.
Such a statement may mean that FIFA, Hearthstone or other games, where there is no bloodshed will still be able to realize themselves in it. But relying on this is not necessary as the official statements haven’t been announced yet.

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