Sony has released a full list of games, which will be released on PlayStation Classic:
Battle Arena Toshinden;
Cool Boarders 2;
Destruction Derby;
Final Fantasy VII;
Grand Theft Auto;
Intelligent Qube;
Jumping Flash!;
Metal Gear Solid;
Mr. Driller;
Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee;
Resident Evil Director’s Cut;
Revelations: Persona;
Ridge Racer Type 4;
Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo;
Syphon Filter;
Tekken 3;
Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six;
Twisted Metal;
Wild Arms
Unfortunately, a number of hits were not included in the list, which was so awaited by fans of retro consoles, but it is safe to say that these games will give the opportunity to fully enjoy the world of PS1. Sony reissues its first-generation console under the name PlayStation Classic. In addition to the sewn games, the console, which has become 2 times more compact than its ancestor, the kit will receive two classic joystick, HDMI cable, USB power.
The estimated cost of the reissued console will be $ 100.

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