On October 28, 2008 saw the light the legendary RPG Fallout 3. The game was a sequel to the series, firstly released by Bethesda Softworks (the first two parts were created by Black Isle studios). This is the first game of the series with a first-person view. Many fans of the first two parts took the game with hostility, but still most of the gaming audience loved it.
The main character is a native of the Shelter, going on a great journey, will be unwittingly drawn into the war of bandit groups, super mutants and the two main military forces – the Brotherhood of Steel and the Enclave.
Fallout 3 received very positive reviews among the thematic print and online publications, many gave it a rating above 90%, which automatically makes it into the gold Fund of the gaming industry. It came out on PC, PS3 and XBOX 360.
Note from the author:
If you missed this masterpiece, we strongly recommend you to go through it.

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