Last summer, the Xiaomi company has announced a contest for the retailers that sell mobile phones. The winner, who fulfilled the necessary conditions, had the opportunity to have dinner with the CEO of LeiJun Corporation. According to the terms of this competition, the owner of a small store must fulfill only one of the requirements: to sell 300 redminote 5A phones, 300 Xiaomi 5X models or to sell 400 pieces of the above smartphones in total. Mr. Yang said that he participated with great enthusiasm, and was able to fulfill the necessary condition. The man implemented 523 mobile devices RedmiNote 5A. However, the employees of the corporation refused to communicate with the winner when he tried to get in touch. Such behavior offended the owner of one of the small shops selling Xiaomi equipment, after which it was decided to go to court. The application has already been registered, the hearing will be held in Beijing. The materials of the case note that the competition information was written on the official website of the «Chinese giant», which means that it will fall under full legal responsibility. The plaintiff seeks compensation in the amount of $ 3,500 for the services of a lawyer and court costs. It should be noted that Mr. Yang stopped his cooperation with Xiaomi.

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