The conflict occurred because of the review of the game Red Dead Online (further development of the world Red Dead Redemption 2), that was released by Trusted Reviews, in which it announced the upcoming project – the presence of the Battle Royale mode and other details. The information was made in public and was based on the internal documentation of the developer Take-Two Games, somehow fell into the hands of Trusted Reviews. The article was very popular and successful, but caused the anger of the developer and his heavyweight publisher in the face of Rockstar Games. Trusted Reviews has agreed with the claims and publicly apologized to the Take-Two Games, and has also agreed to pay compensation in the form of transfers 1 million GBP in 3 of the charitable Fund American Indian College Fund, American Prairie Reserve and First Nations Development Institute.
The approach to the choice of recipients of funds shows that for Take-Two Games and Rockstar Games to punish the offender – a matter of principle and important moral, not material compensation.

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