The company Hynix reported on a successful completion of its development to create a flash memory «4D NAND». The new memory has up to 96 layers, which reduces its area, data transfer speed and energy efficiency.
Hynix plans to start production with 92 layer chips of 64 gigabytes this year, and next year to add to the line of chips of 128 gigabytes. Next, it is planned to master the production of solid-state disks with a volume of 1 terabyte. It should be noted that the transition from 72-layer to 92-layer chips allowed to reduce the chip area by 30%, increase the reading speed by 25% and writing speed by 30%.
4D NAND technology in fact is a reworked 3D NAND technology, the only difference is that the architecture has acquired a vertical structure — the memory is based on a cell with a charge trap (Charge Trap Flash, CTF), which in turn is located above the cells of peripheral circuits (Peripheral Under Cell, PUC).

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