China is developing a new artificial Earth satellite. The objectives of the new object are the lighting of the cities. Chinese engineers of the Research Institute of the aerospace Sciences and microelectronic systems Chengdu produced calculations which showed the economic benefit from the lighting of the cities at night time using the new artificial satellite of the Earth. In the case of lighting 14 million Chengdu with the new moon and the abandonment of urban lighting networks, the annual savings for the budget will be 340 million dollars (1.2 billion yuan), and the brightness of the lighting will increase by 8 times. The launch of a new satellite is planned in 2020.
A number of experts and skeptics of the project draws attention to the fact that with a significant increase in lighting, biorhythms and behavioral habits of both the environment and people can change. Now here is the growing problem with the re-illumination of the Earth, which we will discuss in a future article.

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