Slovenian company EK WaterBlocks engaged in the production of water cooling for computers introduced a new line of water blocks for new graphics cards NVIDIA GeForce 2080 and GeForce 2080Ti, based on the Turing system. The series of the devices is called Vector and includes 4 different blocks for each graphics card. The differences are in appearance, materials and cost.
Completed with water blocks, you will get all the necessary devices for installation: fasteners, 1 gr of thermal paste EK-TIM Ectotherm and thermal pads. Some systems have a prefix RGB in the name, which indicates the use of illumination, and it has an ability to synchronize with popular technologies (Asusaurasync, MSI RGB MysticLight, etc.), implemented in motherboards from major manufacturers.
The base of the devices is made of copper and covers the heating areas of the graphics card: power system, processor and memory chips GDDR6. It is provided with a cutout for the bridges NVlink, which allows to install multiple graphics cards. Inside there is a system of tubes for fluid flow, as well as the radiator plate, functioning perfectly even in the presence of a weak pump.
Devices of the Vector family will go on sale after September 20 at a price of 129.90 to 149.90 euros. The incompatibility of the water system with the reinforcing plates of NVIDIA accelerators is worth noting, so the order of special plates from EK WaterBlocks will be opened later.

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