The developer of anti-virus personal software ESET, provided information about cyber attacks by the hacker group PowerPool.
Attacks are made by means of vulnerability «zero day» about which it became known still on August 27 this year. This «hole» is tied to the task scheduler systems Windows 7 and Windows 10 and allows hackers on the victim’s computer to increase access privileges to the maximum and get all the required information.
The attack of users’ systems begins with mass spam, which contains malicious files, which in turn, send the necessary personal data to the attackers’ server. Next, if your PC has sparked interest for cybercriminals, they begin the second phase providing full access to your device. This entails the loss of important confidential information: passwords, accounts, compromising materials and much more. It is worth noting that the attacks are committed only on some groups of users.
Microsoft has still not taken any action to solve the problem with the gap in the operating system, although it is known for a long time. Statistics show that such countries as Chile, India, Philippines, USA, Russia, Germany, Ukraine, Poland and Great Britain are at risk.

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