People for whom anonymity is an integral part of using the Internet can be happy, as the well-known Tor Browser has moved to mobile phones.
Tor Browser, based on the popular Firefox, has gained its fame thankfully to the possibility of private Internet surfing. A special type of encryption works on the principle of retransmitting signals between random and independent nodes. This scheme also allows you to bypass the lock to access different sites.
On the Android operating system now there is an opportunity to download the official Tor browser client. So far this is an alpha version, which means that users may face a lot of errors. For full use you have to install Orbot, which performs the function of a proxy server. With further updates, it is planned to organize a proxy directly in the browser. Android version must be at least 4.1. It is worth noting the inability to work with the application on devices with a central processor from Intel, which will be corrected with future updates. All the options of their older brothers, the Android version will get tentatively in 2019.
At the moment, you can download an early version of Tor Browser for free from GooglePlay.

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