In 1999 was released the first robotic dog developed by Sony. Since then, the companion has a large number of changes. Next month a smart toy will reach the shelves of American stores.
On January, 11 on the Japanese market was released an updated robodog AIBO. The novelty has received a more friendly appearance compared to the predecessors and were made in a more rounded form close to these puppies. With a weight of 2.2 kg, the dog has a size of 180 mm × 293 mm × 305 mm. Movement is provided by 22 hinges to make them realistic. Temperature sensors located on the body of the robot make it respond to the touch of the owner. Thus, he perfectly understands when he is praised or scolded. The behavior model of the droid can vary, depending on the interaction with it. According to the developers, each new AIBO is completely unique. For the perception of the world in the case of installed cameras and recording devices. Because of this, it can distinguish people and go to the source of sound. Attitude to a particular person, the dog forms with respect to his behavior and frequency of communication.
It is worth noting that there is the support of cloud storage. Thanks to the recording, the robot can create various memories in the process, and upload them to the cloud. Stored other information necessary for the operation of a puppy. Connection to the servers help to maintain a SIM-card with activated mobile Internet and Wi-Fi module IEEE 802.11 b/g/N (2.4 GHz). Convenient application for smartphone «MyAibo» will allow the owner to see the saved moments from the life of the toy, track its location, download new tricks that AIBO will gladly demonstrate. There is also an opportunity to look at the world through the eyes of a robotic puppy. Working time is up to 2 hours, and fully charge pet will work for 3 hours.
Aibo ERS-1000 will go on sale in the United States in September, at a price of $ 2900, along with a three-month subscription to use the operator AT & T.

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