It is not a secret that gamepads of game consoles, even the most perfect, cannot be compared with the convenience and quality of keyboard and mouse control in some games. Requests from the gamers to add keyboard and mouse support to Xbox, PS consoles have been heard for a long time.
Microsoft met the players halfway and in early autumn announced the beginning of support in the near future of computer manipulators. As it became known, the testing is taking place now, on the game Warframe on Xbox one with a keyboard and mouse. Especially shooters are a weak point of the gamepad, because unlike it, the mouse gives a good speed of visibility, and the keyboard — a large set of buttons and a variety of command input options. Whether or not to implement keyboard and mouse support will be up to the developer in each particular game.
If the test is successful, it will be possible to equalize the control capabilities of PC players and consoles, and therefore the emergence of common network servers with games that previously could not be combined.

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