Chinese Corporation Xiaomi is rapidly conquering the market in all categories of custom products. Starting with the budget models of smartphones, the company began to produce cameras, sneakers, thermometers, speakers, portable batteries and much more. Xiaomi has approached the point where the buyer can buy almost anything under the brand of the Chinese giant.
Last month, an all-season smart jacket was presented. The article of clothing has the function of thermal control, working on the battery of 10 000 mAh. After pressing the button located on the sleeve, the jacket will start to warm up from the back and neck, dissipating heat throughout the body. The water-repellent layer will protect against precipitation, and the protection system will avoid short circuit. The maximum heating temperature reaches 50 degrees. The exact date of the beginning of sales is not known.

Also in late September started selling alarm clock Xiao AI Smart Alarm Clock. This device is a mixture of a desktop clock with a smart speaker. Here for the user is presented the possibility of using the built-in voice assistant that allows you to know about the weather, traffic, latest news etc. The product can communicate with other smart devices from the company. A special application MijiaApp on your smartphone will allow you to easily manage the gadget, configure various notifications and reminders. Xiao AI Smart Alarm Clock can be purchased for a suggested price of $ 20-25.

For the lovers of speed and unconventional ways to travel, the Corporation developed Ninebot Gokart. The main difference from the usual kart — a rear axle. A rear there is gyrometer Ninebotmini or NinbotminiPRO propelling the entire structure. The maximum rider weight is 100 kg. Seat adjustment allows you to comfortably sit a person with the height from 130 cm to 190 cm. There are three speed settings: 8, 18, and 24 km/h reverse gear is activated by two taps on the brake. The cost of new items is $ 435.

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