Since 2014 Sony Interactive Entertainment has been holding an exhibition Sony Experience, which presents new projects related to the Playstation. This event is one of the most important for the company, so Sony does not hesitate to avoid other gaming exhibitions to show more new products in a personal conference.
Recently, Sony has officially confirmed the information about its decision not to hold Sony Experience 2018. The reason for this was the lack of high-profile new products. According to representatives of the company, there is no need to gather a lot of people to announce a couple of games. The release of Days Gone-a post-apocalyptic action movie with an open world full of zombies is scheduled to the next year. Also in 2019 there will be an exclusive Dreams, where gamers will create their own unique game worlds-levels. This set of games is not enough for Sony Experience, as it can cause a wave of negativity among users due to unreasonable expectations.
The opinion of the bulk of analysts boils down to the fact that Sony is working hard on a new generation of gaming consoles, so do not rush to create exclusives for the current consoles. According to various experts, the next generation of Playstation will be presented not earlier than 2020. Future consoles will be equipped with new powerful processors and more advanced graphics, the capabilities of which on the 4th generation consoles are almost exhausted. There is also an assumption that Sony simply does not want to spend a large amount of money because of the possible non-repayment or insufficient benefit from the exhibition.

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