At the IFA 2018 event in Berlin, Sony introduced the Sony WF-SP900 headphones, which have a set of interesting specifications.
Wireless Bluetooth headphones are equipped with protection standard IPX5 / 8, which allows you to enjoy your favorite music not only in the rain or in the shower but also immersed in the pool or the sea to a depth of 2 meters. There is also an additional protection against salt water. The set has: 3 mounts of different sizes for fixing in the ear; 4 sizes of conventional ear pads for an easy use, as well as water ear pads designed for swimming.
It is worth noting the presence of a built-in music player with 4 GB of memory for storing audio files. For quick synchronization of the headphones with a smartphone, NFC technology is provided. With a mobile phone users will be able to change the sound in a special application «HeadphonesConnect» by selecting one of the preset modes or by setting the equalizer manually. The declared operating time is five hours in the Autonomous mode or three hours in conjunction with a smartphone. The portable case can be used as a portable battery, capable of charging the Bluetooth headset up to four times.
The start of the sales of Sony wireless headphones WF-SP900 is scheduled for November 2018. The cost of the device is 280 euros.

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