It has been covered by many rumors for a long time, and now is confirmed by the head of Sony to Financial Times – the work on the creation of the PlayStation 5 game console is already underway. The concept of the console will remain unchanged – it will be a classic console with an improved, more powerful filling, so the rumors that the PS4 will be the last classic console, and after that the gameplay will be carried out only by streaming via the Internet have not been confirmed.
The current generation of the consoles from Sony can be considered successful — the sales of the console exceeded 80 million copies also thankfully to competent marketing policy of the company and excellent exclusive games. The main problem of the PlayStation 4 in the outdated «hardware», which is increasingly difficult to compete with modern PC capabilities(a vivid example – «unfair» in some moments, the reproduction of 4K pictures in PS4 Pro) and the product from Microsoft.
It is known that Sony will provide a novelty with new processors and AMD graphics chips, in stock of which there are excellent and very productive solutions based on Ryzen and Vega.

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