Very little time left before the official announcement of the processors family CoffeeLakeRefresh. As always, closer to the presentation, the network has more information about the new product, including the test results. ElChapuzasInformatico published a performance review of Intel Core i7-9700K, one of the eight-core representatives of the new generation.
The test system is based on an unknown vendor’s motherboard, with a set of Z390 system logic. It should be noted that the official announcement of this chipset will be held simultaneously with the new line of processors. The test system was equipped with a GeForce GTX 1070 video accelerator from MSI, as well as DDR4 3600hz RAM. IntelCore i7-9700K itself, manufactured according to the 14-nm process, has 8 processor cores, 8 threads and a third-level cache of 12 MB. The clock frequency in normal mode is 3.6 GHz, in turbo mode is increased to 4.6 GHz. Requirements for heat sink are designed for 95V.
Temperature test in AIDA 64 warmed up IntelCore i7-9700K to 95 degrees, so there is an automatic adjustment of the tension. Power consumption in this mode was 240 W. At a fixed voltage of 1.2 W, the temperature rose to 70 degrees. Power consumption stopped at 160 W. In various benchmarks, the novelty is inferior to Ryzen 7 processors from a competing company with a large number of threads. But it is ahead of its predecessor, IntelCore i7-8700К. Synthetic tests show the superiority of 17% over the Core i7 of the eighth generation. The results of testing on game projects show a slight superiority of the device under the review, over the already released chips from Intel and AMD. It is noteworthy that in some tests the indicators 9700K and 8700K are completely identical to each other.
Intel Core i7-9700K will be on sale next month. According to rumors, the approximate cost is 440 euros.

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